Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday Treasury Challenge "Beautifully....."

Team Elites Treasury Challenge will be held every Thursday and is open to EVERYONE,  not just team members so feel free to join us! This week’s theme is  "Beautifully...." , this can be a solid color theme or mixed with the theme listed.  The object is to create a collection using "Beautifully.... as your main theme.
 This Challenge will run until Saturday at midnight, your treasury must be created within that time frame.

Voting will be held on Sunday on our team blog, so be sure you vote for your favorite one. 

The treasury finalists will be chosen by:
Creativity of theme
Curation composition (Visually appealing curation)
Artistic measure 

We will pick the THREE most creative and artistic treasury entries for the voting round.

The Winner of the Challenge will be the featured shop in the next weeks challenge as well, they will win a featured blog post including an interview with photographs and shop links to their items, and will also receive a spot on the side bar of the team blog for one full week! 

Challenge Rules:

1) You must follow this week’s theme  “ Beautifully...."

2) You must not include an  item from your own shop and one item per shop, please.

3) Must include 8 Team Elite members, the rest are up to you. You can search the team favorites page here:

4) Must include 1 item from each of this weeks featured shop: 
5) Include the Team Tag: teteam

6) Include that you are participating in Team ElitesTeam weekly treasury challenge somewhere i n your treasury description with a link to our Team Blog:

7) Post your treasury's URL here in the link up on the team blog  to enter in this week’s challenge.

8) Promote your treasury, the more you promote the more you help yourself and your team mates get on the HOTNESS scale and generate sales!  

Highly Recommended (not required)...
* Become a follower of the team blog to stay in touch with each new challenge, challenge winner, announcements, etc.
* Replace missing items in your treasury. Don't replace sold items.
* Tweet, Facebook, Blog, etc to spread the word about your treasury and our Challenges.
* Convo people that you included in your treasury.
* Come back next week to participate again!

Time to make some treasuries!
Good Luck & Have Fun!!!
Please post your treasury entry here:


One entry per person
If you win our treasury challenge you will be ineligible to win again for 6 weeks, however if you place in the top three we will be creating a NEW PAGE to feature our RUNNERS UP of the week!  This will include a mini-shop preview and your treasury curation along with a brief description of your shop!  


Anonymous said...

Hello! This is what I Beautifully came up with! =)

Holly Hill said...

Here's my entry ~

Heather said...

And mine:

TinkerGirls said...

Laila said...

here's my very first entry! :)

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