Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Shopping, Pamper Yourself!

I love shopping on Sundays! There is no better time to shop for items that you can pamper yourself with, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and shop with me! 

How refreshing and sweet is this Sugar Mint Scrub created by AmeliaBathandBody , If it’s made of sugar, I instantly love it!  Of course this minty sugar scrub is not meant to be eaten … we know that! … but I love sugar scrubs too. The texture of sugar is perfect in a body scrub. It gently exfoliates the top skin cells that are ready to come off anyway and the newly exposed skin feels silky soft. Sugar Mint Scrub is meant for body smoothing from your neck down. The bright mint fragrance is invigorating too! I love mint for its freshness all year long. Both peppermint and spearmint essential oils are believed to be stimulants, great for alleviating fatigue and making you feel refreshed and energized. You will love how you feel after the first use.  This scrub has the texture of firm wet sand. When you scoop it out of the jar, it stays together and will not drip through your fingers. The recommendation is to massage it over your skin in circular motions, remove as much as possible with a washcloth, and then bathe. Please be sure to take caution as hard surfaces can be very slippery after use! People often ask if this product can be used as a facial scrub also and my opinion is … facial skin deserves softer pampering … something made especially for your face. 

Perfect for on the go, carry this Angel type perfume oil with you!  Created by StardustSoaps"Angel" (type) Perfume Oil is artisan created and is a blend of Blend of Jasmine, Musk, Patchouli, Brown Sugar. For a lasting fragrance, apply just a touch of cologne oil to pulse points (at neck, inside of wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears and behind knees) as desired. *Compare our fragrance to T. Mugler. Not affiliated with T. Mugler.  Enjoy the convenience of this pocket sized "Angel" (type) Perfume Oil. This fragrance is undoubtedly irresistible!. Great for Travel, or keep in your glove box, purse, pocket. Stardust Soaps products are also Gluten Free! 


What every crafter needs to keep their hands dreamy soft is the Sweet Creative Dreams Hand and Body Salve from TheOriginalSoapStand ! 100% All Natural Healing Salve Made with concentrated all natural + concentrated organic ingredients. Created a unique uni-sex blend of cold pressed citrus, rose, sandalwood and lavender essential oils with a hint of vanilla to relax your mind; allowing your creativity to shine through even while you're catching zZzZzs. Pamper your body this season with our healing salve. We infused our virgin olive oil with various plants to create a natural blend that will sooth your cracked skin by restoring your skin's natural elasticity and youth. You'll notice the difference in your skin, immediately!  Great for dry or cracked hands, elbows and heels!  + Each balm is made by The Original Soap Stand from scratch, and carefully poured into each container. 

Be good to the inside of your body with the Ultimate Green Drink Super Food with Wheat Grass from  good4you!   my superfood mix . keeps you You . add to juice, water or a smoothie . a great way to get your greens, especially if you're on the go. ♥ ingredients :: wheat grass powder, barley grass powder, beet root powder, acai berry powder, chlorella powder & klamath blue green algae . all the ingredients were purchased certified organic . the chlorella was grown without chemicals . contains gluten . the gluten free . big size includes : 1.35 oz of the green drink in a 2 oz jar . about 10 to 15 servings . shipped and packaged in recycled material with my drawings on the outside . i make my own shipping boxes too and bicycle packages to the post office . 100% handmade by me . please allow up to two weeks for delivery ♥

Spoil yourself with a Mineral Eyeshadow Kit from DesertOfRosesPick any five 5 gram jars of our natural mineral eye shadow! You can apply this eyeshadow dry or, for a more dramatic look, with a damp brush. 
DesertOfRoses packs our all natural mineral makeup full inside 5 gram jars. Our cosmetics are made from scratch using high quality minerals. We never use unnecessary fillers so you always know what you're putting on your skin!

Treat your clothing with some TLC with Handmade Lavender Laundry Soap from fireheart996 pounds of handmade lavender soap powder. Cleans and deodorizes the toughest stains and odors. Works exceptionally well in cold and hard water conditions. Leaves no irritating residue behind on clothes or washer. Safe for front loading washers. 
A little goes a long way with this soap! Only 2 tbsp required for a large load, 1 tbsp for front loading washers.
This soap is handmade fresh upon order. It is first made like a regular batch of soap and poured into a 6lb loaf mold. Once it has cured for one day, it is then ground by hand and then lavender essential oil is added. It can take about three days for your order to be ready for shipment. You can also request that a different essential oil be used in place of lavender, or request an unscented batch. Other essential oils appropriate for use would be orange, lemon, etc.
I have received many compliments on this soap, and have frequent repeating customers who have also recommended it to friends and relatives. My customers will not go back to using store-bought laundry soap. This soap lasts quite a while, and outshines the competition :) .

Treat your senses to your choice of scent Aroma Beads Air Freshener from SerendipityCandleAroma Beads Air Freshner Fragrance Beads Daisy Jar- You Choose Fragrance. Aroma fragrance beads are amazing clear polymer beads that absorb 30% of their weight in fragrance. Aroma beads have the scent of a candle without the danger of a flame and soot.  You will receive a Gold or Pewter Daisy jar w/Lid Insert filled with scented aroma beads. 
We have a large variety of fragrances to choose from. You will just need to let us know what color Lid Gold or Pewter color and what fragrance for these beads.

To purchase any of the items you see featured today, click on the shop name in blue, it will take you directly to the shop! 

I want to thank all these wonderful shops I featured today, your handcrafted goodies are a sheer treat that are perfect for pampering ones self or to give as a gift for someone special!  

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Such great ways to be pampered!!
Everyone needs a little special care now and then! :)

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