Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meet Erick from Nonameth

Meet Erick Matias from Nonameth

1. What term would you use to describe your creative talent: artist/craftsman(woman)/creator/other. Why is it you see yourself in this way?   I would suppose if I had to choose one, I would choose creator. I mean, that's the one I refer to all the time, because I find myself crafting, and drawing, and painting and building, and writing; basically, I create all sorts of things. I just don't sell them all. 

2. Can you remember the first creation that you made? 

No. I can't, I remember making things since I was little. I can't possibly remember what I made first. I know that I started making paper dolls at a young age. (I would use toilet paper rolls for the base) and now that I think about it, that was kind of gross. But even before that, I had been drawing my heart out. 

3. Tell us more about you, what is one thing we would never guess? 

Well... by day I am a plush maker, and by night I am a writer, artist, and all sorts of other things. In fact, I want to major in Animation. I love making stories. If I had a favorite hobby, that would be it. I want to combine my art skills with my writing, and perhaps some day make featured films. My stories are always loosely based on my experiences. My life has had its powerful moments; some are of pain, and some are of happiness. I'm still here fighting though. 

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Tobey said...

Oh my goodness, your dolls are super cute! Thanks so much for sharing.