Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meet Team Elite's team leader Angela

Hello, my name is Angela. I am honored to be chosen as a leader on Team ELite!

I have always been a creative person, beginning at a young age, I enjoyed coloring, art,finger painting, and appreciating the simple beauty that was all around me.
    I am married to my amazing husband Michael. Through that marriage I am a step mom to my talented son Jason, & and a mom mom  to 3 wonderful boys.
    I am also mommy to my four legged children, Pugsley our pug, and Gypsy our rescued cat.
    Gemstones came into our life, around 3 years ago. Always being a lover of all things that sparkled, I was unaware of God working in our life. I had always maintained a full time job outside of our home, then God decided that was all about to change.
    It was a back injury that kept me from working, so I decided to take time off work and try to get better.
    I found myself watching "Gems T.V." and a fascinating new world began to emerge. Curiously enough, Michael began to watch it with me.
    The though of starting a genuine gemstone jewelry business both excited and terrified us at the same time. After losing my job, it became a necessity.
    Michaelangelas was born. We never looked back. The rest is history. We have never been happier, every day is Christmas around here.
We are successfully selling on etsy, and I look forward to the adventure that awaits being aboard as a leader on  Team Elite!

    I look forward to helping others realize their dream of having an online business dream come true.
In His Service,
Angela M. Carty


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