Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to get your customers coming back for more!

When selling your hand crafted items online, you need to take customer care into consideration. You want to be the best in your line of artwork and adding a few personal touches to your customer service can make a huge impact on the reputation of your online shop.

Here are a few ways you can take care of your customers:
1) Make your customers feel appreciated, go above and beyond what they expect. This means making their shopping experience with you one that separates you from the thousands of other online shops out there.

I had a repeat client who bought a hand created bangle from me, I know she adores earrings so I made her a pair to "Match" her new bangle, she was thrilled and to this day is one of my best customers!

2) Always welcome customer feedback, this can be your best friend and give you an edge in the handmade market. I find that my clients have some really great ideas that I can easily implement in my business. Dont be afraid to ask customers what they want, run a survey on your website or your Facebook Fan Page you never know what great ideas they can suggest that will end up boosting your sales. .

3) I find that when handling custom created orders that adding a few days additional time is a smart thing to do. You never know what unexpected issues can pop up at the most in-opportune times. Another plus is when you can actually deliver your custom order earlier than quoted or exactly on time. This is extremely important to the reputation of your online business.

4) Dont be afraid to extend a courtesy to another shop or business if you don't have or can provide what your shopper is looking for. I have found that when I refer my shoppers to other online shops they go above and beyond to reciprocate! Plus, I have made some very amazing friends through doing so.

5) I always spoil my customers with "Extra" goodies with their purchase. I usually make up extra earrings and keep them on hand to include as my way of letting my customer know they are appreciated and special. My customers love that I take the time to create something extra and the positive feedback is so very worth it!

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