Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorites

Fabulous finds from Team Elite to make your Friday as fascinating as the day itself!  Most of us save Friday nights for "Date Night" or for a night on the town with our friends, here is a beautiful collection of must haves to make your Friday extra special! 

Everyone needs that special "Little Black Dress" to add a touch of glamour to their night out on the town. This Vintage little black dress from NicoleNicoletta is perfect for such an occasion! Sexy little black dress with tan overlay that gathers in the center. Peep triangle in center above gathered fabric. Perfect for a night out! Black metal zipper is functioning well.

This gorgeous black scarf from AnatolianAccessories is the perfect addition to any outfit!  
The Scarf is adorned with Lace and the Fabric Part is made of cotton and the Lace part is made of acrylic yarn.

Play up your eyes with a smoldering smokey look with this Vegan Mineral Eye-shadow from DesertofRoses.  This is the blackest black. Great for smokey eyes and so much more. Everyone needs a black  pigment! You can apply this eyeshadow dry or, for a more dramatic look, with a damp brush.  DesertOfRoses packs our all natural mineral makeup full inside 5 gram jars. Our cosmetics are made from scratch using high quality minerals. 
We never use unnecessary fillers so you always know what you're putting on your skin!

What could be more stunning on your ears than these sterling silver cluster earrings from Katerinaki1977!  Very elegant and unique,this pair is for everyone who wants a simple sophisticated pair of earrings.The earrings are made from sterling silver wire 1.2 mm which is bended and then hammered in order to become into this unique spiral shape.26 semi precious beads are wire wrapped on the spiral with a big black onyx bead hanging. 

Wrap your wrist in this elegant bracelet from Aynurdereli!  Handmade twisted black and gold-plated bracelet strap soft flush. Features a double row of adjustable length strap quality materials. 

Dazzle your digits with this gorgeous gemstone ring from Michaelangelas! Sexy and elegant, this black topaz will be the talk around the office water cooler. Keep them wondering how in the world you could afford such a
treasure. Your secret is safe with me, let them think you got a raise. This ring comes as pictured, in an adoreable designer hatbox style ring box. Perfect for gift giving, it's not sealed in case you want to take a peek.

Add some sultry to your outfit with this beaded crochet necklace from LeeMarina! This bead crochet necklace is made of Toho Japanese seed beads of superior quality. It looks fresh and innocent. This unique piece of jewelry can become a favorite accessory for a lady with romantic and sensitive soul. It will perfectly complement a feminine dress with lace and ruffles or bring a note of romance to a demure business attire.

Every woman needs an elegant clutch when going out, this black velvet clutch from Mehran is perfect!  
This chic black velvet clutch is perfect for a special occasion or a night out. I made it from a nice crushed velvet.It closed with sateen loop and a beautiful vintage button. This fashionable clutch has strong interfacing and black lining. It measures 11" x 6". 

For your hair add some beautiful elegance with this Black Velvet Leaf Comb, this piece is sure to turn heads! Sprays of vintage black velvet leaves on flexible wires can be shaped softly against your hair to add a traditional accent to that perfect modern dress with black accents. we made this black velvet leaf comb for a bride wearing a black-sashed gown and it recieved so many raves we added it to the line.  The leaves vintage velvet leaves rise from a flower-shaped beaded moment. Each leaf is accented with a Swarovski jet crystal to add sparkle. This piece is custom made to order from vintage millinery trim.

If you would like to purchase any of the gorgeous items, please click on the provided link under the item photograph.  I would like to give a special thanks to our two NON-Team shops for creating such beautiful items that made this feature extra special! 


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