Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meet the Captain of team elite!
 Amier Le Terre has been creating jewelry designs from Italian glass, ceramic, porcelain, Precious Metal Clay and Cernit for over 20 years. Amier Le Terres craft isn't only limited to jewelry design but also has a deep love for photography, writing business self help articles and helping others build their social networking skills.

Amier Le Terre wanted to create a team on Etsy that is geared in helping every Etsy member whether new or seasoned in an atmosphere that is fun, caring and "No-Pressure" by demanding members time.  Our team philosophy is to help yourself by helping others. Promotion teams have the right idea, yet never really ever implement the necessary tools or know how to coach their members in how "promoting" really works.

Amier Le Terres goal is to share our experience in success and help members implement these techniques to make their own shop successful.

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