Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meet Annika from LUMM

Meet Annika from Lumm on Etsy, her shop is full of crocheted jewelry with a touch of bohemian chic ~ beautifully sweet!

1: Tell us about yourself and your Etsy shop:
My name is Annika, my shop name is Lumm. I live in Northern Europe, by the sea, in Estonia, I have a house there in the beautiful countryside.
My shop name Lumm is an Estonian word meaning fascination, captivation. With that name I wanted to describe what one will feel wearing my handwork.

2. Tell us about your craft, how did you begin creating and selling. 

I started with crocheting and knitting. I found the passion to crochet when I was a child, my grandmother was a crochet master and she charmed me with her fascination to that and made it a fun thing to do. She used to do very original art. Desire to create art is in other family members also, my brother is famous ceramics artist and head of the Ceramics Department in National Art School and his son is just brilliant painter. Selling my staff in Etsy is just a very little part, mostly I do gifts to my friends, family.

3. Tell us why you love creating and handmade.

I work in Defence League, so actually my day job is strict and not connected with feminine stuff, so it´s very changeful to work with laces and pearls in the spare time. I just love to think out new romantic items. It´s a great hobby, love the feedback :-)

4. Give your best piece of advice for new Etsians on what you feel can make or break a shop.
First do what You love, love what You do. Next do great photos and use most searched tags, read Etsy seller handbook:

5. Where else can we find you online? 
I have a Facebook page also:

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