Monday, July 9, 2012

Magnificent Monday

Mondays are MAGNIFICENT when you shop with these amazing Etsy shops! 

Simple and elegant is this falling leaf necklace created by TwoCloudsJewelry  Small ,dainty sterling silver plated brushed leaf and wrapped real pearl on a sterling silver chain. 
Petite, shiny sterling silver chain measures 19.50 inches long (with leaf pendant)
This is the perfect necklace for everyday wear, or to layer with other necklaces in your collection.  

ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

Get creative and make something beautiful with these Coral Amber Sea Green mercerised cotton yarn from sassalynne  Soft and silky, this mercerised cotton yarn is a dream to use. It slides through fabric like butter. Normally sold in our larger Jumbo hanks this selection is for 5 small skeins of CUT LENGTHS. Each skein is about 22 metres (over 22 yards) each. That's a total of 125 metres all together, and suitable for a number of projects. It is equivalent to a Perle 8  Hand-dyed by me this is a beautiful and pretty mix of colours! Each skein will stand on its own, but together they look amazing! Coral, Apple Blossom, Aqua and Amber, all these are there somewhere with more than flashes of Baby Pink, Light Peach, Sea Green and Palest Primrose.
ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

Surprise your special someone with this adorable Thembelina Artist Teddy Bear created by MrBearFamily   This small teddy bear is only 8cm (3,2 inch ). Teddy bear is sewed by hand from viscose (Germany) and has polyester filling and steel shots inside. I used cotton for paw pads and glass eyes for my miniature bear. It is full jointed with cotter pins and disks. Thumbelina has beautiful dress from blue petals decorated with beads.  It is sitting in wonderful blue flower made by artist Jeanna Koval.
ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

For the fairy lover in all of us, this pretty Grace Fairy Cottage created by ArtSings1946 is a must have for your collection! GRACE FAIRY COTTAGE - SALE PRICED FOR A LIMITED TIME 
Original Handcrafted OOAK-One of a kind All of my Fairy Cottages are created with many layers, which could include hand cut copies of vintage images, premium paper and hand applied embellishments. I have also used acrylic paint for the cottage and base. Please note picture to see what I have used in this particular piece. Whenever I can, I try to use “found” day-to-day items. I just love to alter everyday items into something arty and magical. All of my products are handmade using only the finest quality embellishments, many which are vintage. Create fantasy and whimsy wherever you place this delightful, magical fairy cottage. 

ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

Add a beautiful accent to any room with this beautiful Flower Power Mosaic Table created by PamelasPieces   Cute little wrought iron and wood mosaic table. I found a few pretty plates with flower rims at a thrift shop and they were my inspiration for this table. I filled in the flower with some yellow plates that I had in my plate stash. I searched for the red swirl filler plates. I love the way they all look together. I sealed the grout. This table measures 19 1/2 inches in diameter and stands 22 1/2 inches tall. It would look nice out on a patio or inside too.

ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

Add some subtle beauty to your wardrobe with these handmade Jade Gemstone Earrings created by wolfwhispersjewelry  I used nine 6mm jade gemstone beads to make this design come alive. The beads dangle on silver plate chain from silver plate ear wires. In ancient China and Egypt, jade was widely worn as a talisman to attract good fortune, friends, and loyalty. Today, jade is often thought to provide protection on long journeys. The soft green hues of these earrings are sure to keep you feeling good whenever worn. They are equally suitable for the office, daytime outings, and evenings on the town. When friends and co workers compliment, just smile and enjoy the admiration.

ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

Add a splash of gorgeous to your home with this Rose Painting from our featured guest shop of the day OneDesign4U  If you make a close up on a rose, you can see an abstract drawing. This "abstract" drawing is actualy a close up on a pastel colored rose. It's soft but vivid and full of life and nature. Having it on your wall at home or in the office will bring much life and warmth to your enviroment.

ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

Keep track of your daily journeys with this beautiful handmade journal created by our featured guest shop of the day plad  This is a handmade journal covered with own handmade paper with real herbarium plants and flowers and handmade crocheted from natural rafia button . The inside pages are made from recycled blank sheets. 

ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ ℒℴѵ

Wishing everyone a magnificent Monday from everyone here at Team Elite!  To purchase any of these wonderful items just click on the shop name in blue, it will direct you to the artists Etsy shop. 


Sharon Marshall said...

Wow! I am so honored to be featured here with these wonderful items. Thank you. :) :) :)

ArtSings1946 said...

You are such an awesome team captain and woman ... I just can't believe all that you accomplish in a day ... many thanks for including my Grace Fairy Cottage altered art piece.

Happiness and Abundance to ALL !

agnese said...

Thank you very much for featuring my shop and my tiny teddy bear! I am very glad to be in such friendly Elite Team on ETSY!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the feature in this lovely collection. I've linked from my blog too,