Monday, August 20, 2012

MYRIAD of TREASURIES, you don't want to miss this!

We all want to get on the Front Page of Etsy, and really, who doesn’t?  
I have been searching for ways for us to get there as a team and believe we may have our answer!

 We will be holding our first ever MYRIAD of TREASURIES, I am hoping that all of our members will sign up!  The more members who sign up and create ONE (or two) treasuries for the assigned day, the better chance we have of having members making the Etsy Front Page!

Sign up here for the Friday MYRIAD of TREASURIES... We will only be having one MYRIAD of TREASURIES per week.

Each week we will feature one Team Elite Team member who has gone above and beyond to curate treasuries and promote for the MYRIAD of TREASURIES on the team blog and also be INCLUDED in all treasuries created for our next MYRIAD of TREASURIES round!  This means that that member could be in over 30 treasuries for that day!!!

The purpose of the MYRIAD of TREASURIES has many benefits!  The first is to honor the member from the last weeks MYRIAD of TREASURIES with a large number of treasuries for the day. This also will get that member noticed by the Etsy community by being in a large number of Team Elite Team treasuries. Not only does this help the featured member, but our team as well. 

Since this is our first ever MYRIAD of TREASURIES we don’t have a winning team member to include in this treasury round. 

Here are the rules:
PLEASE use 8 Team Elite Team members
Tag your Treasury with “teteam MT”  (Team Elite Myriad Treasury)

I will post a thread for the Blitz treasuries on Thursday evening, PLEASE post your treasuries in the Blitz thread on Friday so that they can be found easily and promoted by team members. 

PLEASE visit and comment on the treasuries that are entered even if you cannot make one for that day yourself... We are asking for everyone's support to make our Myriad of Treasury Promotion a success! 

PLEASE post your treasuries as early as possible, you can post as early as 10:00 PM on Thursday night ( I will have the thread up and ready for your treasury links) or Friday so that they will have a better chance of being promoted to front page.

PLEASE visit and promote as many of the treasuries posted in the Myriad of Treasuries thread as possible, know that everyone will really appreciate your support!

There is not special theme to follow,  so just have fun!

and for even more promotion you can post your treasuries here: 


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